Alȳn, Inc., a cyber security strategy, technology, and operations consulting firm, partners with their clients to understand their unique goals and challenges. We understand in today’s technology-centric world, organizations rely on the latest technologies and operational optimization to improve performance, maintain a competitive advantage, and protect their information, brand, and employees.

Our approach and expertise facilitates risk-based decision making on all levels to protect information assets and minimize exposure to risk. We accomplish this by building a solid foundation of security capabilities to align and sustain short-term and long-term strategic and tactical decisions.

Alȳn, Inc., exists to provide our clients with a customer centric focus to ensure consistent and cost-conscious availability and protection of their information and reputation.

At Alȳn, we believe the way we live inside and outside of the office impacts our performance and our relationships in the business realm. We strive to demonstrate integrity, respect, and fiscal responsibility in all we do personally and professionally. Understanding and generosity define our actions, and we strive to convey our respect for others through a just, wise, and disciplined pursuit of their best interest.

Alȳn’s cyber security experience comes from the trenches of operations. We deliver innovative and thought-leading environments to combat cyber threats across the industry. Alȳn provides across classification cyber security leadership and operational support to some of the largest organizations in the country, including the healthcare sector. We employ proven strategic and tactical sector-innovation, and the operational expertise to establish a common mission of combating cyber threats.


Availability of qualified resources is limited. Alȳn is committed to investing in the industry’s and our clients’ future. By partnering with local universities, Alȳn opens the door for qualified individuals to continue their career in cyber security. Individuals will garner the practical, hands-on experience valued in our industry.

  • Practical, hands-on experience

  • Learn from  industry-leading professionals

  • Multiple internship paths available

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